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Twelve Male Skin Care Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy

We all want to have healthy looking skin, who wouldn’t? Healthy, energised skin is a sign of good health, makes us more attractive and improves our self esteem. Here’s our twelve top male skin care tips for looking after your body’s largest and most visible organ, your skin.

1. Understand your skin type 

Understand your skin type so that you can find a skin care routine that works for you and be able to select effective male skin care products.  

The five main skin types are: 

Normal skin

Your skin is not oily or dry making spots, acne and irritation rare. 

Oily skin

Your skin has a natural shine caused by oily patches which make you more susceptible to acne and spots. 

Dry / sensitive skin

Your skin often feels dry and tight. It is also easily irritated throughout. 

Combination skin

Your skin is a combination of oily and dry. Typically the areas around your forehead and down to your nose are oily with your cheeks dry and sensitive. 

Ageing skin

Your skin has wrinkles, age spots and looks weathered. You may have neglected your skin for many years. 

You may find it useful to visit a dermatologist, pharmacy or the skin care section of a department store to find out your skin type. They may also be able to provide some useful skin care tips for men.

2. Establish a male skin care routine that works for you 

At the very least, cleanse and moisturise your skin twice a day. Use an exfoliator after cleansing once or twice per week to remove dead skin and help new skin cells emerge. 

You may find it useful to start off your day with a warm shower to open up your pores, making it easier for dirt and grease to be excreted. If you have dry skin you may also consider using a body moisturiser. Use a hand cream daily to avoid your hands becoming too dry or chapped. 

This is only a basic male skin care routine, however depending on your preference and skin type you may also find it beneficial to use certain toners, serums, face masks, eye creams and anti ageing creams.

3. Use gentle male skin care products

It pays to invest in some top quality male skin care products. You should find a gentle cleanser that is free of alcohol and artificial scents as these may dry your skin and cause irritation. Apply skin products gently with your hands and remove with water, patting down with a towel. Harsh skin care products may contain chemicals that can dry out your skin and strip it’s protective outer layers. 

4. Be gentle when handling your skin 

Apply products such as cleansers and moisturisers with a gentle touch and pat yourself dry with a towel instead of rubbing. Your skin - especially the area around your face - is very delicate and can be easily damaged through excessive stretching and rubbing.

5. Don’t reuse flannels

Don’t use flannels or similar washcloths if they are not clean. Flannels can be absolutely teeming with germs. And washing your face by rubbing old germs all over definitely isn’t going to make you look like Brad Pitt. What’s more, the friction caused by the rubbing may be an irritant to your skin.

6. Avoid long, hot showers 

Try to limit showers to a maximum length of 5-10 minutes using lukewarm water instead of hot water if possible. Overexposure to hot water can damage your skin by stripping away protective oils. For the same reason you should also be wary of excessive use of hot tubs, bath tubs and saunas 

7. Drink plenty of water

Many experts suggest that you should drink at least 8 x 250 ml glasses of water every day. Water is an essential ingredient for your body that has many important uses. Not only does it flush away waste products from your skin through sweating, but it also keeps skin cells hydrated and maintains elasticity - making your skin flexible and youthful.

8. Eat a healthy balanced diet low in fats and sugars

Consume a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, making sure that you also eat sufficient proteins and vitamins. As an insurance policy you may find it beneficial to use male skin supplements or vitamins for skin. 

Vitamin A is great for regenerating your skin cells and helps keep your skin firm and youthful. Good sources include dairy, carrots, fortified grains and cereals as well as eggs. Vitamin C which is plentiful in most fruits also helps to keep your skin looking healthy and younger. Good male skin supplements should contain these.

Make sure you also eat plenty of antioxidants from sources such as berries, plums and green tea. Antioxidants help strengthen cell membranes, preventing damage. They are also important for the growth and regeneration of skin cells.

Finally, omega-3 from sources such as oily fish, nuts and flax seeds help your skin bring in important nutrients and filter out toxins and waste. They are important in enabling your skin to withhold water making it moist and strong. 

High fat diets are linked to skin abnormalities and high sugar may increase insulin levels preventing skin cells from maintaining a healthy balance. 

9. Exercise regularly

Exercise as often as possible at an intensity which causes you to break a sweat. Regular exercise improves blood circulation around your body and to your skin. This circulation brings key nutrients to your skin and removes toxins. What’s more, the sweating helps to clear out your pores. Don’t be afraid to wash your face thoroughly after a work out as the sweat can trap dirt and bacteria.

10. Get plenty of sleep on your back 

Your body needs sleep to repair itself from its daily exertions including natural wear and tear of your skin. Make sure you get your full 7-8 hours sleep every night to give it time to repair itself. Sleeping on your back also reduces the contact between your face and your pillow, lowering the risk of wrinkles and contact with germs.

11. Protect yourself from the sun

One of the most commonly ignored male skin care tips is to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun when possible especially during the brighter hours of the day. Overexposure to the sun is pretty much the fastest way to cause ageing skin, wrinkles and unwanted spots. It also increases your risk of getting skin cancer. 

Always wear sun protection, the simplest way to do this is to purchase a moisturiser which has an SPF of at of least 15 but ideally higher. Make sure it protects you from both UVA and UVB and does not clog your pores.

When out in the sun cover vulnerable parts of your body by wearing a hat, sleeves and full length trousers. 

12. Don’t smoke 

The last of our skin care tips for men is to seriously consider quitting if you smoke.

Without going into the well known health consequences, smoking can narrow the blood vessels in the outer layers of your skin. This limits the flow of blood and key nutrients to your skin. Some studies have shown that wrinkles are as much as five more times as likely to appear as a result of smoking. 


There’s plenty you can be doing to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.

Most of our male skin care tips relate to living a healthy lifestyle, using suitable products, establishing an appropriate male skin care routine, and being delicate when coming into contact with your skin. You can also take our look at our hair, skin, nails and teeth supplement.


This article was created for informational purposes only and does not necessarily represent the views of For Chaps Ltd. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


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